This used to be a much longer introduction, but over time i trimmed it to couple of lines only. So, here comes nothing:
I became interested in computer graphics at an early age. Naturally, my career was based on that.
Spent 10+ years in visual effects, then 5 more years in games and interactive, currently at NVIDIA.

You can reach me at pshipkov@yahoo.com if you want to say "hi", or talk about something.


SOuP - proceduralizm 101
A large toolset that extends the procedural (and other) capabilities of Maya.

Muscles 4.1
Tools for muscles creation. Muscles can be used as smooth skin influences, sculpt and wrap deformers, collision objects for dynamic skin, etc.

OverBurn 1.6 including VoxelEditor

OverBurn uses combination of fluids and particles to create effects similar to SitniSati's AfterBurn plug-in for 3DS MAX and LightWave's HyperVoxels.
VoxelEditor gives ability to select and edit voxels directly in the viewport.

StretchMap 1.0
Houdini VEX SOP node that generates point attributes based on geometry deformations. The produced data can be passed to shaders for local control over texture maps (like displacement, bump, specular, etc.), or can be used for further manipulations of the geometry.

SmartCalc 1.2
Calculator with many cool functions - numeric systems ( HEX / DEC / OCT / BIN ), 3 memory banks, metric systmes, equations, extended aritmetic functions and many others.

SolarSystem 1.0
Approximated simulation of the Solar System. All major objects are present here except comets, meteorites and recently discovered satellites. Included is UI for easy control over many aspects of the "simulation". Open the scene and run "solarSystem" in the script editor to access the UI.

RubicCube 1.0
This is a game (inside Maya scene) with full interactive control over the cube.


[ forceFields, particles, fluids ]

[ motionBlurred SW particles ]

[ oceanSurface ]

[ blendShape tricks ]